We are an all-encompassing technology, telecoms and I.T. support company offering 'Work Smarter' solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

Our aim is simple: to work with our clients to bring together organisation design, processes and technology, in order to achieve business goals and deliver a stand out customer experience.  Watch the video below to discover our key services or download our business overview.



Founded in 2016, we are a highly experienced and entrepreneurial team building a network of telecoms and I.T. partners allowing them to expand their product and service portfolios, instantly transforming them into full-service technology solutions providers.

Specialising in the design, implementation and support of a range of Cloud services and business applications including I.T. managed services, I.T. infrastructure support, hosted collaboration and communication solutions, we are an end-to-end independent technology consultancy helping businesses understand and see real value from their technology systems and investments.

Review our company history below and discover more about the inTec Business group here.

April 2016

inTec Business Solutions formed


Hale Communications acquired

April 2016

inTec Business Solutions formed

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july 2016

First key ICT client:

Castle Facilities Management

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Hale Communications acquired

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september 2018

Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund / Maven Equity

£500k investment in inTec Business Solutions

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inTec Business Solutions

accredited as Silver Microsoft Partner

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MAY 2019

Boost & Co. 

£4 million investment in inTec Business Solutions

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Vision Corporate Services acquired

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Cheshire Business Services acquired

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november 2019

Titan Network Services acquired

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MARCH 2020

iTek Computer Solutions acquired

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Our team

Across the whole group, we have a current team of 65 experienced staff members with office locations in Manchester, Altrincham, Stockport, Kendal and Leatherhead.

Click on a profile below to connect via Linked In with a member of the team.

Simon Howitt

Group Chairman

Simon Newton

Group Finance Director

Jackie Hargreaves

Technology Consultant | inTec

Sam Cottrell

Marketing Assistant | inTec


Avatar 103

EA to Group Chairman | inTec



Rob Dey

Managing Director | Hale Comms 

Giulio Laise

Managing Director

Vision Corporate Services

Alex Jack

Unified Operational Account Manager

Cheshire Business Services

Karl Cummings

Account Manager

Cheshire Business Services

Sue Ashton

Sales Support & Customer Service Manager | Cheshire Business Services

Keenan Ahmed.png

Technical Analyst | Titan Networks


Managing Director | Titan Networks

Chris Wright

Senior Technical Engineer 

Titan Networks


James Nattrass.jpeg

Network Systems Engineer 

iTek Computer Solutions

David Burke.png

Chief Operating Officer

Emma Wild

Assistant Management Accountant | inTec


Abi Fearns

Management Accountant | inTec

Val Earl

Executive Account Manager | Hale Comms


Chris Jones

Managing Director

Cheshire Business Services

Karen Hayden


Cheshire Business Services

Jacob Howitt

Support Engineer | Titan Networks

Laura Drabble.png

Senior Technical Analyst | Titan Networks


Richard Chung

Operations Manager | Titan Networks

Mubeen Hassan.jpg

Technical Analyst | Titan Networks


Jacob Edgar-Owens.jpg

Technical Analyst | Titan Networks


Ben Thomas.png

3rd Line Manager

Titan Networks


Lewis Hadley.jpg

Technical Analyst | Titan Networks



Ryan Burns.png

Technical Analyst | Titan Networks



Adam Blamire.jpeg.jpg

Senior Network Systems Engineer

iTek Computer Solutions


Ray Bell

Group Chief Technology Officer

Jane Savvides

Head of Account Management | inTec

Mark Armstrong

Technology Consultant | inTec

Andrew Jackson

Group Marketing Manager | inTec

Andrew Butterworth

Group Financial Controller | inTec

Annette Ainsworth

Management Accountant | Hale Comms

Kris Williams


Business Sales Specialist 

Vision Corporate Services

Dean Reade

Account Manager

Cheshire Business Services


Nicola Geldard

Office Manager

Cheshire Business Services

Jack Shipton.jpg


Helpdesk Supervisor | Titan Networks

Marco Pacheno-Loureiro

Technical Analyst | Titan Networks

Scott Hulse.jpg

Senior Infrastructure & Projects Engineer 

Titan Networks

Jose Del Priore

Project Manager | Titan Networks

Ben Mitchinson

Managing Director | iTek Computer Solutions

Stuart Miller 2.jpg


Network Systems Engineer

iTek Computer Solutions



​Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important to our business and our team.  Our approach to CSR is based on the following principles:

  • To maximise the benefits that our work has on the people around us;

  • To integrate CSR into strategic and operational decision-making;

  • To comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and best practice

We consider CSR from three distinct perspectives:

  1. Community - helping people understand the role we play within the community and contributing our expertise to enhance the work of charities, sports clubs and volunteer groups;

  2. People - finding and developing great people throughout their inTec journey;

  3. Environmental Management - managing our impact on the environment in a responsible and ethical manner.


If you are a local club, charity or volunteer group and are looking for support, sponsorship or advice from a professional, friendly and well-established company, we’d love to talk to you to see how our team could help. Ideally, we’d work with a group based in Altrincham or the surrounding area. We are happy to offer support connected to the technology field or volunteer and help in other ways depending on your requirements.

Click below for examples of charities, organisations and groups we've supported:

Please contact Jackie Hargreaves via our Contact page to discuss further. We look forward to hearing from you and finding out how we can help.