Connectivity should always be at the forefront of any technology discussion.  As more workloads are being consumed over the internet, it is vital that you have sufficient connectivity in place to support your growth.

We have more choice and flexibility with connectivity than ever before. Broadband, Fibre to the Cabinet, lease lines, microwaves, satellite, 3G, 4G and soon 5G.  The continued investment and advances in capabilities has increased confidence, reliability and technology innovation.   


We look at how your business works and how services are consumed now but also what your plans are for the future to ensure any recommendation fits your business plans.  We have access to all major carriers at great prices. Please contact our team today for a quote.


At home, broadband over our telephone line (ADSL) or cable TV (e.g. Virgin Media) will generally be sufficient, especially with the increase in speeds available.  However, these lines are shared with other users so have some restrictions and can get congested at busy times of day. 


For businesses with critical applications or a need for extra security, a more resilient connection may be required.  A dedicated lease line gives businesses a direct 1:1 connection with the provider and although traditionally this type of connectivity was too expensive for the average SME, prices have reduced significantly over recent years. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

3G, 4G, 5G

In simple terms, it’s mobile broadbandWhen you’re away from the office or home and are unable to connect to a wifi router, your mobile device connects to the internet using mobile connectivity i.e. 3g / 4g.  As we connect via the SIM card, the mobile providers will include an amount of ‘data’ in the mobile tariff.


The ‘g’ just stands for generation so the 3rd generation network (3g) is faster and/or has more capabilities than the 2nd generation (2g) and so on.  5g is set to be a superfast mobile broadband that will rival fixed landline options.


inTec has access to all major networks and can provide advice on mobile or machine to machine enquiries.  Contact us to discuss your options.


"Things", in the IoT sense, can refer to a wide variety of devices from vending machines, fridges, cameras, heat sensors, biochips etc. It includes any physical device that is able to collect and exchange data.


Think Alexa turning your heating on.  One machine talking to another.


This technology allows companies to collect information on their equipment (for example, when the vending machine needs a refill) and their customers habits (such as how often do they buy coffee). It can be an incredibly powerful tool. inTec can help. Talk to us today about your business requirements.