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One of the biggest challenges faced by Universities is student engagement. 

How do you provide students with the materials and interaction they need when you may have hundreds to teach? Is there a way to automate processes from simple things like access to lectures and their associated notes to more complex tasks like answering students’ questions? Can you foster increased collaboration with and between students? The answers to all these common queries is yes and Microsoft Teams in partnership with inTec customisation is the key.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the digital hub that lecturers and university leaders have been waiting for. It provides a conversation based workspace in which lecturers and students can experience a personalised, vibrant learning environment as well as having many of the classroom basics like assignments, announcements and notebooks.


Ultimately, students learn valuable life skills of collaboration and communication by using Microsoft Teams. It is also the perfect location for working with colleagues on projects, curriculum adoptions or even whole university initiatives. University administrators can communicate and collaborate with their entire staff in one location.

Watch this 2 minute video to discover how UNSW in Australia have fully embraced Microsoft Teams to greatly improve how their staff and students collaborate, communicate and create.


For a more in-depth video explaining the power of Teams in the education sector, check out this video

How can we help?

As a certified Silver Microsoft Partner, we can help you to build a custom environment that will mimic what UNSW have built and, should you wish, improve on it through AI and PowerApp implementation. If you already use Office 365, then there will be no extra installs or licences required as Teams is included in the subscription. This means there would be no additional IT resource requirement internally so implementations can go ahead with minimal red tape to overcome.
A really cost-effective way of becoming more efficient, whilst offering useful platforms for staff, students and the wider community; now who wouldn’t want that? 


If you’d be interested to see what Teams can do, we’d be happy to meet at a convenient time for you and your colleagues or arrange an online demo. Just get in touch directly or complete the quick form via the button below.

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