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Our online courses have been designed for the modern knowledge worker, offering training in skills that the workforce put into practice for hours every day. We offer 18 courses in Microsoft Office skills, including Excel and PowerPoint. Your own content can also be adapted into the platform. 



Advanced Excel






Advanced Access



Advanced VBA

Office 365


Project 2016

Advanced Project


Windows 10

Power BI

How the training works

We offer an online training platform which personalises learning material for each user. By asking each user questions about their profile, aspiration and proficiency, the platform's machine learning algorithm is able to pinpoint skills gaps and filter out material that the user doesn't need or already knows. This minimises time spent training, maximises the impact of learning and increases productivity

Why the training works

Personalised training covers more valuable skills, feels more engaging and takes less time to complete. Our approach of pinpointing skills gaps across a portfolio of core skills means that 97% of material is relevant to learners, their training workload is reduced by 30% and on average users measure a 26% greater improvement with one of our courses compared to traditional e-learning. Find out more below...





Customised syllabuses for each user

By asking each user a series of questions at the start of their course the platform is able to remove content that is not relevant to the user (this may be because they already know the material or do not need to know it as it's not relevant to their job). The platform's algorithm then creates a customised syllabus for each user.

Structured training and performance support

Our content can be used for structured training, similar to the classroom based face-to-face equivalent, but also as a performance support tool to deliver "just in time" learning when problems arise on the job.

Measurement and calibration

Our IQ-style tests and scores let users and employers assess skills in areas that have previously lacked any form of measurement. Initial tests act as a benchmark and then, after completing the course, users take a second test and can see their improvement. Individual and company dashboards allow users and managers to review progress.

Multi-platform (cloud, mobile and LMS)

Access our platform via the cloud, on mobile or in an LMS. It seamlessly integrates into any learning management system (LMS) requiring little to no client setup. We pass back key learner insights to each LMS.

Adaptive algorithm

The platform's algorithm is itself adaptive, using each learner's activity on the site to improve itself. This is a continuous process and constantly adapts with each new user.

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