At inTec we approach your telephony needs as a solutions implementer (not a product supplier) and we ensure that our customers can drive best value beyond just getting the best rates. Naturally, with a wide range of providers in our portfolio, we are well placed to find you the best products and most cost effective tariffs in the marketplace.


However, this should be taken as a given as this is how most telephony providers will approach your requirements. It is what we do beyond that, in our 5 point “True Value” plan, which drives far greater business benefit. Watch this quick video to find out more...

Traditionally, our office phone system was on the wall connected to BT’s copper wire network (PSTN/ISDN).  Phones were tied to a desk and telephone numbers  tied to a geographical area, and we had to phone the engineer to make any changes.  With calls being our only ‘real time’ way to communicate, the lack of choice left us with lengthy leases and hefty phone bills.

Phone Systems
Phone Systems

Today, we communicate mainly over the internet - email, instant messaging, websites, social media, video conferencing, so our phone systems have evolved to do the same.  Cloud technologies allow us to work from anywhere we have an internet connection and a device. This can be the same with Cloud phone systems - answer the main UK business number on your mobile in Spain without changing the customer experience.

Advantages of Cloud Telephony

  • Business continuity – never miss a call. Answer your business calls from anywhere on any device

  • Feature rich – call flows, voicemail to email, auto attendant, conferencing, out of hours

  • Contact centre - options for all sized businesses

  • Flexibility with users, telephone numbers, devices and applications

  • Simplified costs – per user per month model, free calls across branches

  • Fast, simple deployment with minimal upfront cost

  • No user limit, only restricted by connectivity

  • All branches and remote workers on the same telephone system – including international sites

  • Additional features – i.e. Unified Communications, PC and mobile applications, voicemail to email transcription, CRM integration, screen pop, web portals and more.

inTec have access to all major suppliers and will find the product to fit your business needs...

Phone system suppliers

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