A success story...

Earlier today, it was a pleasure to welcome the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, to our office here in Altrincham, Cheshire. Andy met the chairman of inTec Business Solutions, Simon Howitt and MD of Hale Comms, Rob Dey, along with the inTec and Hale Comms teams. We were also joined by many of our key clients for this special event. Andy discussed the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, the digital revolution within Greater Manchester and the important role of businesses such as ours in the region in regards to economic growth, business development and employment. Andy stated that “digital in all of its guises is an unparalleled strength of Greater Manchester compared to other UK cities, outside of London” and “there is a growing sense that this is a real centre of excellence when it comes to digital, cyber and tech.” Andy went on to explain that his aim is to make Greater Manchester the UK’s leading digital city region. Earlier this year, inTec secured a £500,000 investment from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund to support our business and the creation of additional jobs. Andy commented “it’s fantastic that you have been a beneficiary of the Northern Powerhouse.” We are also building a network of partners who are each connected to a regional technology hub. This enables the partners to broaden their offering to customers and become technology solutions providers, not just communications providers. Earlier this year, we partnered with Hale Communications, based in Altrincham. Andy congratulated us on this partnership and described it as a ‘success story’.

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