Case Study: Hale Communications

Hale Communications is an award-winning company based in Altrincham, Cheshire, who have helped businesses save money and manage their telecoms and IT for over 25 years.

The Business Requirement:

Hale Communications approached inTec Business Solutions in 2017 to discuss ways in which they could extend their portfolio and expand their business. They wanted to be able to offer added value to their loyal customer base and attract new customers in an increasing competitive marketplace.

The Solution:

In early 2018, Hale Communications became the first acquired partner of inTec Business Solutions. inTec are building a network of partners allowing them to become technology solutions providers, rather than just communications providers.

Read Press Releases about the exciting partnership:

Insider Media Ltd.

Comms Dealer

Delivery & Outcome:

Hale Communications have retained their trading identity and customer facing responsibilities, but receive full back office support in finance, customer relationship management, marketing, HR and all other support functions any business needs, which allows them to focus on nurturing and building relationships with their customers.

The fact that Hale Communications could retain an interest in the business moving forward was one of the fundamental principles to them agreeing to the deal. They have engaged with inTec on numerous customer technology projects with great success and are looking forward to driving more opportunities.

Areas of particular focus have been helping customers move to cloud-based technologies (particularly Office 365), applying business applications (CRM, ERP and workflow management systems), outsourcing IT management (through their Tech Team and Virtual CTO service), managing technology-led Business Transformation programmes as well as IT Managed Services.

They have already added significant value to their business as they can offer so many more benefits to their customers than previously. They are now re-positioned as a solutions-led business.

Simon Howitt, Chairman of inTec, said: “We are delighted to conclude the deal with Hale. They have an outstanding reputation for customer service and have been shown great loyalty from their customers. Together with our capabilities we believe we have an outstanding offering to customers."

Rob Dey, Managing Director of Hale Communications said: “We have worked closely with inTec over the past year as a partner. We have engaged with them on a number of customer technology projects with great success and are looking forward to driving more opportunities. The fact that the business identity remains the same and that I can retain an interest in the business moving forward was fundamental to us agreeing to the deal."

Watch the video below to learn more about our Partnership Programme:

If you are interested in finding out more about our Partner Programme, please contact Simon Howitt via or on 07824 481 073.

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