Not all cloud backups are safe from ransomware

The latest National Cyber Security Centre guidance 'Mitigating malware and ransomware attacks' states:

“You should ensure that your cloud service protects previous versions of the backup from being immediately deleted and allows you to restore to them. This will prevent both your live and backup data becoming inaccessible - cloud services often automatically synchronise immediately after your files have been replaced with encrypted copies.”

Even with a cloud backup in place your data might not be as safe as you think. Talk to us at RivaNET Limited about Redstor Cloud Backup and Recovery – it provides built in ransomware protection and immediate access to data. With simple education pricing, fast deployment and no expensive hardware necessary it suits schools of all types and sizes.

For a free demo and trial and to get ransomware protected within 24 hours – talk to us today!

Please call 0330 555 5550 or email us.

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