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Simon Peck, Business Development Director, inTec Business Solutions

Looking to exit or find new ways to grow your telecoms business read on…

So after a month of settling in I can now say what a great career choice this has been for me. While leaving the relative safety of mother ‘big corp’, the dynamic and varying nature of SME is widely enjoyable.

So what is this great opportunity? Well after years of talking to the largest of big corporates on how new technology can help them with their numerous challenges with achieving greater operational efficiency, higher levels of customer experience and better employee productivity, small and medium sized companies can now benefit from this.

All businesses have deployed varying levels of technology but very few realise the available benefits and see their investments as just a necessary cost.

InTec Business Solutions works closely with its customers in helping them uncover the hidden value in their existing technology investments and advises, plans and delivers new solutions to plug any gaps when necessary.

Our route to market is through working with partners, in fact InTec is a network of partners with 2-way benefits. It is a symbiotic relationship in its truest form. Our telecom partners benefit from having new capabilities in their armoury, in that they have access to InTec’s business consultants and solution specialists that they can position to their existing customers, enhancing relationships and delivering additional value. InTec benefits from a loyal and stable customer base to deliver its business and solution advice & consultancy services.

Having recently received equity Investment from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF) we are building our capabilities further and WANT more partners to work with. These new partners can range from a trading relationship and referral model to InTec acquiring those ready to embrace the additional values in this approach.

Seeing the enormous need in the small to medium market for this kind of business assistance and being part of a growing organisation that brings large corporate benefits to the middle market is not only exciting but very satisfying.

So how do I feel after leaping from the corporate super tanker into the America’s Cup racer? In a word, Invigorated! And my advise to anyone in a similar position after spending 15+ years in the the corporate world, if it feels right then don’t hesitate!We’d love to talk to you, so get in touch and we can explore how we can work and grow together.

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