What is EMM?

MaaS360 from IBM: inside the product we can provide you from just £2.50 p/m.

By Giulio Laise, Managing Director: Vision Corporate Services

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) combines user, app and content management with strong data security to simplify the way you manage your device environment.

MaaS360 from IBM is a powerful, cloud-based solution, that puts mobile device management and security in your hands.

Ask yourself, are you really in control of what your team downloads onto their mobile devices? IBM’s Maas360 allows you to manage any smartphone or tablet on your network therefore, protecting your devices, your network and most importantly your data, 24/7.

So, from just £2.50 p/m what can MaaS360 from IBM do for you? It can:

  • Reduce your hardware bills and let employees use their own devices with BYOD;

  • Quickly roll-out settings to smartphones and tablets on your network;

  • Provide one online place to manage all your devices;

  • Ensure all your data and devices are fully encrypted, safe and sound;

  • Provide a cost-effective, cloud based mobile device management and security solution.

IBM Maas360 is available as a self-service or a fully managed solution, priced on a per-user basis. IBM’s next-generation Mobile Application Platform uses cloud technology to simplify the deployment and management of applications and by hosting your solutions in the cloud, roll-out and adaptations are faster and cheaper, and support costs are lower.

According to IBM’s analyst research, MaaS360 customers capture 160% ROI on average and with a variety of testimonials and tutorials available on IBM’s website it shouldn’t be too challenging to unlock its potential within your business!

What’s not to like? Contact us to find out more.

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