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Training topics

As a Microsoft Partner, we are specialists in their products and have dedicated experts in all areas including Office 365.  As such, our trainers don’t just know the slides, they know the technology and implement it for clients on a regular basis. Therefore, they are always up to date with new features and can answer almost any question that comes up in a session. 

We cover all aspects of Office 365 outside of the standard apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access) including:

  • Teams

  • Yammer

  • Skype for Business

  • Planner

  • Delve

  • SharePoint

  • OneDrive

  • OneNote 2016

  • Office Lens

  • Power BI


Training plan options

You can cherry-pick individual training courses as below or look at a bespoke plan combining multiple elements. Whatever your business training requirements we can assist. Get in touch today to discuss.


Office 365

Management and Team Leader Training

We generally begin a training schedule by training key stakeholders in the business in everything that Office 365 offers. Each training is conducted over a full day with up to 10 delegates per session to maximise interaction. It is designed to allow stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding what subsequent training to the rest of the business focusses on by presenting all available options regarding apps to use.

Company Wide Training

We can deliver training to the wider business in several ways. Companies generally use a mix of all the following options to ensure the whole business benefits from the training irrespective of location or other work commitments.

  • In Person Training

Similar to Train the Trainer but usually slightly shorter. We train groups of up to 10 individuals in all agreed aspects of Office 365. This training is a great way to train all staff but can take some time to implement across a large organisation so is generally used to train more senior members of staff.

  • Teams/Webinar Training

This contains the same content as the In Person Training but can be delivered to an larger group of users at once. As a result it is generally far less interactive but does allow large numbers of people to be trained quickly (and subsequently supported by Champions).

  • Cut Down Sessions

If you only want to train in a few areas of Office 365 then we can cut down the training accordingly to fit. For example, a session just covering Teams and OneDrive/SharePoint would take in the region of 2 ½ hours. We can give a more accurate idea of timing once you have decided what areas to cover.

  • On Demand Video

A recording of one of the Teams sessions to ensure the training is specific to your business. This will be made available to the whole business to view. This is designed to be used as a refresher and for those who cant make the dates for other sessions but due to its lack of interactivity its less effective than other solutions.

  • Online Training

We offer 18 online courses in Microsoft Office skills, including Excel and PowerPoint. Find out more here.

Train the Trainer

These sessions are fairly self-explanatory. We take learnings from the management sessions and design an interactive session for ‘Champions’ across the business. These sessions are in person and for a maximum of 10 people. Champions are then supported via Teams post training to help them answer any questions coming from the wider business or to answer any queries they have themselves.

Having Champions across the business to easily answer queries quickly and in person greatly improves the onboarding of a new solution as it ensures that any minor (or indeed major) frustrations that users are experiencing can be resolved with little fuss by people in their own team. Champions are also encouraged to be vocal advocates of the new solution to ensure it is properly embedded in the business and fully utilised.

Online Training

Did you know we also offer an online training platform covering 18 courses in Microsoft Office skills? Find out more here.

Participant Feedback

A small sample of the overwhelmingly positive comments we have received from clients whom we have trained...

“Extremely knowledgeable”

“Everyone said how much they enjoyed the training”

“Helpful and responsive”

“Led the transition smoothly and effectively”

“​Took the time to work through the key areas of concern”

“Approach was positive, focused, but adapted to our needs and different levels of understanding and experience”

“Training was delivered in a relaxed and confident manner.”

More here.